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Chapter organization


The purpose of the Indiana Chapter of ACI is to further the charter and objectives for which the ACI was organized: to further education and technical practice, scientific investigation, and research by organizing the efforts of its members for a nonprofit, public service in gathering, correlating and disseminating information for the improvement of the design, construction, manufacture, use and maintenance of concrete products and structures.  This chapter is accordingly organized and shall be operated exclusively for educational and scientific purposes.


The Chapter consists of Honorary Members, Distinguished Chapter Members, Contributing Members, Organizational Members, Members, Affiliate Chapter Members and Student Members, defined as follows:

Contributing Member (C) A Contributing Member shall be a person, firm, corporation, society, agency of government, or other organization.  Six (6) representatives shall receive benefits of Affiliate membership and shall receive recognition of their support in the annual membership directory and Chapter newsletter.

Organizational Member (O) An Organizational Member shall be a firm, corporation, society, agency of government or other organization.  Six (6) representatives shall receive benefits of Affiliate membership.

Individual Member (I) An Individual Member is an ACI Member or ACI Junior Member who elects to pay dues to the Indiana Chapter.  ACI Members may belong to any number of chapters but may hold office only in one chapter.

Affiliate Member (A) An Affiliate Member is a member of the chapter who is not a member in any classification in ACI.  An Affiliate Member may actively participate in local Chapter affairs except that he/she may not hold office within the Chapter, nor vote on propositions before the International Membership.

Student Member (S) A Student Member shall be less than 28 years of age and a registered student at an educational institution.  A graduate of less than 32 years of age may be granted Student Membership when a request for such classification is endorsed by the graduate student’s faculty advisor.  A Student Member may neither vote nor hold office.

Distinguished Member (D) A Distinguished Member shall be an individual who is not a current officer, who has made an exceptional contribution in connection with the objectives of the Chapter and the ACI.  A Distinguished Member shall be selected by the Board of Directors of the Chapter.

Honorary Member (H) An Honorary Member of ACI International shall be an Honorary Member of the Chapter if his/her permanent address of record at the ACI Headquarters is in the geographical area of ICACI.

Officers and Board of Direction

The Chapter officers shall be President, Vice President, six Directors and the Secretary-Treasurer.  The President, Vice President and Directors shall be members of the Chapter who are also members of ACI.  The Secretary-Treasurer shall be appointed by the Board of Direction of the Chapter.

The President, Vice President, Directors, and most recent available Past-President shall constitute the Board of Direction of the Chapter.


The Chapter shall hold an annual meeting each year and such other meetings as may be authorized by the Board of Direction of the Chapter.


Membership dues shall be payable in advance on the first day of enrollment and thereafter on January 1.  Membership dues in the Chapter shall be set by the Chapter Board of Direction for all classes of membership.

Tax-Exempt Status

As a tax-exempt organization, the Indiana Chapter American Concrete Institute is required to file an annual Return to the Internal Revenue Service.  The Return is available for review by any member of ICACI.  For information, contact the current Chapter Secretary/Treasurer.