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Project eligiblity and categories


Projects eligible for our annual awards competition are as follows:

1. Any Type of Concrete Structure

  • Cast-in-Place
  • Precast
  • Post-Tensioned

2. Projects Utilizing other Materials (Provided the projects employ significant amounts of concrete in creative and innovative ways.)

3. Project must have been completed prior to January 2018.


  1. Commercial 1: Industrial, Manufacturing
  2. Commercial 2: Office, Hotel, Retail
  3. Commercial 3: Warehouse/Distribution
  4. Health Care/Life Sciences/Research: Hospitals, Medical Office Buildings, Research Facilities
  5. Public Works: Waste Water Treatment, Water Distribution, Power Generation, Utilities
  6. Transportation 1: Roads, Bridges, Parking Pavement, Roller Compacted Concrete Pavement
  7. Transportation 2: Parking Structures, Airports, Rail, Intermodal
  8. Institutional & Cultural: Stadiums, Arenas, Educational, Libraries, Museums
  9. Specialty Concrete: Monuments, Fountains, Decorative Concrete, Concrete Restoration, Site Concrete
  10. Residential:  Single-Family, Apartment, Condominiums
  11. Sustainable Concrete Construction: Projects with intentional use of concrete or concrete materials to improve material and energy efficiency and/or reduce the overall impact of the project on the natural environment.
  12. Community in Action: Non-For-Profit projects or organizations
  13. Innovative Concrete: Using new or unusual concepts in concrete